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Dutch At Advanced Level

Become a more confident speaker of Dutch

You use Dutch regularly, but you feel you still need to brush up a little on your grammar and vocabulary to become a more confident speaker of Dutch. In the Start Learning Dutch advanced course (Step 9) you will focus on conversation, reading, and writing, while perfecting your grammar skills and expanding your vocabulary.

Advanced courses:

Step 9

Entry level:

For students with entry-level B1


In Step 9 you will be working toward level B2 (on the Common European Framework of Reference)


Online Zoom lessons in small groups up to 6 students; Step 9 is an intensive one-week course with 5 lessons of 2 hours each, Mon to Fri. Step 9 takes places once every 3 months. The content is different every time, so you can participate in this course as often as needed to reach B2-level

Approximate self-study time:

2 hours a day


Students are professionals, such as expats and their partners, international students, and others who wish to learn Dutch fast and within a limited time frame. Students need to be able to speak English and have completed secondary education in their country of origin


€199,- per Step


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Course materials:

Included in the course fee

Step 9 (B1 -> B2)

In Step 9 – the advanced course – you will be working toward B2-level. Each lesson will focus on conversation and expanding your vocabulary, so you’re sure to become a more confident Dutch speaker. You will improve your reading and writing skills, while practicing your grammar knowledge.

The level nine advanced course takes place every three months. It covers different topics each time, so you can participate in the course as often as needed to reach B2-level.

Learn to speak Dutch well, online lessons via Zoom:

You will receive a Meeting ID (Personal Link) to participate in the correct online course on Zoom when you have signed up.