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Do you want to improve your Dutch language skills? Start Learning Dutch offers multiple online Dutch courses for students on various levels. Our Dutch A2 course is the perfect choice for people that have basic knowledge of the Dutch language who want to improve their skills and learn more about different aspects of this language. Dutch A2 level means that you are already speaking Dutch and that you are familiar with the basics in terms of grammar. Our Dutch A2 course helps you master everything you need in order to progress further on your own. When finishing this language course, you will be able to communicate in Dutch in your daily life and use Dutch at your workplace.

Learn to speak Dutch well, online lessons via Zoom:

The advantages of learning Dutch online

At Start Learning Dutch we offer courses for beginners as well as more advanced students. Our Dutch A2 level course is an intensive group course in which you learn Dutch for everyday conversations in the Netherlands. Learn how to talk about your weekend with colleagues and discuss topics you are passionate about with Dutch friends and acquaintances. Our Dutch A2 lessons help you learn the language quickly through:
• Small groups
• As much speaking time as possible
• Interactive classes
• Individual and duo-lesson options

The flexible course schedule is suitable for professionals, such as expats and their partners, and for international students, and allows you to take classes and finish assignments in-between work or study, and personal commitments. The emphasis of these courses is on improving the communication skills you use in your daily life. Therefore, you can always keep practicing while at work or out and about with friends. This will speed up your progress and help you reach Dutch A2 level even faster. All our courses are given by a highly qualified professional teacher, who will help you feel confident when conversing in Dutch.

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Start Learning Dutch was founded by Sandra Op de Beek. She has over ten years of teaching experience, which she will use to help you get your language skills to the Dutch A2 level. When you start your Dutch A2 course, you will start with an individual intake with the teacher. In this short introduction we will assess the current level of your language knowledge and will talk to you about your desired goals. Based on your level of skill and personal objectives, you will be assigned to a certain group with other students of a similar level. We will make sure your Dutch A2 course is adapted to your learning goals and will help you master the necessary vocabulary to communicate in Dutch with colleagues, friends and neighbors. Do you want to know more about our courses? Contact Start Learning Dutch and we will help you learn Dutch as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Learn to speak Dutch well, online lessons via Zoom:

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