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Dutch Skype or Zoom lessons: the easiest way to learn Dutch!

Have you always wanted to be able to speak Dutch with friends and colleagues or ask someone for help in a store and order a meal in a restaurant? Learn Dutch for everyday conversations in the Netherlands with Dutch Skype lessons or lessons via Zoom at Start Learning Dutch. With these lessons you will be able to master the language quickly and you will gain the necessary skills for conversations with colleagues and friends before you know it. Dutch Zoom of Skype lessons at Start Learning Dutch are given by a professional teacher, who will help you achieve your personal language goals.

Why choose our Dutch Skype or Zoom lessons?

Dutch Zoom and Skype lessons are one of the easiest ways to learn Dutch online. These online classes can be taken from the comfort of your own home or in between meetings at work. The short, intensive courses guarantee fast progress and are perfect for expats and other professionals. The flexible course schedule allows you to combine the lessons with other commitments, and our tailor-made individual lessons help you progress even further. Our Dutch Zoom or Skype lessons have:
• Interactive elements
• Small groups
• Personal attention
• Friendly & work-focused atmosphere
• As much speaking time as possible

These elements allow you to learn Dutch for everyday life quickly. We will start your course with an intake in which we can outline your personal wishes and goals. Your personal life and job will have a lot of impact on the words and grammar you will need to achieve your personal objectives. These objectives will in term determine the group you will be a part of and influence your course schedule. This tailor-made approach helps you gain more confidence when speaking Dutch and will help you improve your grammar, pronunciation or vocabulary. We can also make sure you will learn certain expressions and words that are commonly used at work and the profession you are in.

Learn to speak Dutch well, online lessons via Zoom:

A dedicated and professional teacher

Start Learning Dutch is run by a highly qualified, professional teacher with over ten years of experience. She speaks five languages and has lived abroad in different countries. These experiences help her communicate with students from different countries and will help her find the right learning methods for you to progress during your Dutch Skype lessons or Dutch Zoom lessons.

Sandra has written over 40 books, and is a native Dutch speaker. She wants all her students to learn to express themselves in Dutch with confidence and fluency in order to excel in everyday life in the Netherlands. Do you think you can use some help from this dedicated and professional teacher? Give our Dutch Zoom or Skype lessons a try and see for yourself. The flexible course schedule allows you to take part in lessons anywhere you want and helps you practice your vocabulary and assignments everywhere you go. By immersing yourself in a new culture and language, you will be able to learn a lot more quickly and efficiently and see a lot of progress.

Start learning Dutch today

Taking Dutch Skype lessons or Dutch Zoom lessons at Start Learning Dutch is suitable for anyone who wants to learn Dutch. We offer classes for beginners as well as more advanced students and we know how to best help you with our conversation classes, group, and individual lessons. We always try to find ways to make each student feel comfortable and aim to create a friendly environment in which you learn how to speak Dutch confidently and fluently. Do you want to give our Dutch Zoom lessons or Skype lessons a try? Contact Start Learning Dutch and we will tell you all about the different classes and courses.

Learn to speak Dutch well, online lessons via Zoom:

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